Air Quality

Vapor Intrusion and Indoor Air Quality Studies

Vapor Intrusion is a fast-growing concern for indoor air quality when dealing with contaminated soil and groundwater chemical vapors, particularly semi-volatile or Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) migrating from below the ground. They can also migrate through the floor slab, depending on the identified compounds.

Vapor can sometimes migrate further than soil or groundwater, and therefore pose a greater human health risk due to the prevalence of the vapor interaction and the difficulty of avoiding exposure. The identification of a vapor intrusion may also result in safety hazards as well as a decrease in property value and/or remediation or mitigation for a property to be viable and habitable.

Our team at EcoTec can perform investigations to identify sources or vapor intrusion as well as perform indoor air quality assessments to identify the presence of these chemicals indoors. Our team can successfully design and install and vapor intrusion mitigation measures such as vapor barrier installations and sub slab depressurization systems.